The 54th Age
has an existential meaning for the artist –
the end of a life cycle.

This survey is linked to questions like the meaning of life,
the extent to which his previous life time corresponds to his expectations.

This work consists of 54 objects.

The original materials are masks with the facial impressions of Clemens Schergaut himself, their processing by the artist has produced autonomous characters and these masks remember now only vaguely the original.

The installation, the complete presentation of the reliefs is a grotesque spectacle,which is ranging from peaceful, meditative faces to disturbing deformities.

It is an interpretation of the time  – a reaction to the incomprehensible context of its infinity and the brevity of human existence.

Medium: Relief-Installation Material: Polyurethan, plaster, wax, acrylic
Size: 24 x 18cm, variable depth